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Today we'll talk about 11 items you have to know before or after you receive your NFT.

What are NFTs 🎨?

Non-Fungible Token.” Is a unique digital asset that can’t be replaced with something else and can represent various things in the real world, such as artwork, music, videos, audio, real property, and so much more.

Psst... Please check this article for a more detailed explanation.

What is a 'Utility NFT' 🔧?

It is an NFT with use cases (besides being unique digital assets). They can grant their owner privileges, rights, or rewards that they could not get without the NFT.

Psst... Please check this article for a more detailed explanation.

Are Blade NFTs unique 🦄?

¡For sure! Each Blade NFT has a serial number (printed on the bottom right). Also, no two artworks in the Blade NFT collections are exactly the same.

TIP: They even have categories! —Common, Rare, Legendary, Mythic, Epic—

What is the 'Utility' of Blade NFT?

Blade NFT holders might be able to access other giveaways, lotteries, physical goods, invitations to events, and other benefits in the future.

TIP: This is possible because each NFT has a unique serial number we can use 😉.

How can I get a BearDude 🧐?

  1. BearDudes are available through Blade Giveaways

  2. You can currently purchase BearDudes NFTs on Hashaxis

Can I sell Blade NFT 💱?

The Blade BearDude NFTs are freely sellable.

Where can I sell my BearDudes 🧔?

Hashaxis is the only marketplace where you can list your BearDude NFTs at the moment.

But thanks to the P2P you can trade them with other users directly! Please join to our Discord check our channel ''🤝︱p2p-trade'' and be a part of our community!

Note: Plans are underway to make them available in more marketplaces.

How do I list my BearDudes on HashAxis 📌?

HashAxis is one of Blade’s partners, allowing users to list and sell their BearDudes NFTs by following these simple steps.

For more detailed information with pictorial guides, please click here.

What is the price of an NFT 💰?

People who want to buy vs. people who want to sell (demand vs. supply), community-driven NFTs, and the utility the NFT provides will decide the price.

What's the difference between the BearDude NFT Collection and Blade Soul Bound Tokens 🤔?

The Blade SBT are loyalty cards that are non-sellable, while the BearDudes are utility NFTs that are freely sellable.

How do I find the token 🆔 for this NFT?

While viewing your NFT on your Blade Wallet on Android or Chrome Web Extension, you can find the token ID and Serial below the NFT name.

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