Hi Bladers 👾!

Let's check the steps to reset your wallet 🤓

Psst...Before we start, kindly note this action is irreversible and will completely remove your local account data from your wallet.

Are you ready? Let's do this 🚀

  1. Go to your wallet's menu, you'll find it by clicking the hamburger icon 🍔 in the top right corner.

  2. A drop menu will appear, click "Wallet settings" 🔧

  3. Select “Reset Wallet”

  4. Click “Reset my local wallet”

  5. There will be a confirmation tab, click "Reset Wallet"

    Psst...Please ensure that you have already backup your recovery phrase, here you can see how to do so. Blade Labs cannot recover it if it's lost or forgotten.

    You are all set! Pretty easy, right? 🤯

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