Hi Bladers 👾!

Here, we'll show you how to create more than one account in Blade Wallet🤓

  1. On your home screen 🏠, click the "Account" icon 👤

  2. Click the plus icon "➕"

  3. Select “Software wallet

  4. Click "Create a new wallet"

  5. Choose the secret phrase length, you can choose between 12 or 24 words 🔤

  6. You will be prompted to the "Secret recovery phrase backup" tab, please write down all the words✍️ in order and keep them in a safe place 🗃️, then select the "I have saved my recovery phrase" box.

    Psst...Please remember It will be required to provide your recovery phrase to access your account with its assets or to import your account on another device.
    Blade Labs support cannot recover this recovery phrase for you.

  7. Click “Next” and "Go to the wallet"

    Psst...You'll be able to locate your new account under "Current account" and your other account under "Available accounts".

Pretty easy, right? 😎

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