Below are the following steps on how to buy HBAR tokens with Banxa.

On the main home page click “Purchase” to start the purchase process.

Select “Banxa”.

Choose the amount you want to purchase and click “Submit”.

If this is your first time buying, Banxa will first lead you through a KYC process to set up your account.

  • Enter your email address, choose your country code, and add your mobile number

  • Click the checkbox to agree to the terms

  • Click “Confirm”

As part of the Banxa KYC Process.

  • Enter all your Personal Details

  • Once completed, click “Submit Verification”

Banxa will need to verify your ID.

  • Click the checkbox to agree to the terms

  • Click “Next”

Choose your document type. In this example, we have chosen an ID Card. Ensure you have a copy of the document you selected as you need to upload it. Once uploaded, click “Next”.

Banxa will also need you to take a selfie as part of their KYC Process. When you’re ready to take a selfie, click “I’m ready” and follow carefully on how to take the selfie correctly.

Once your selfie is verified, click “Next”.

You will be prompted to enter your Credit Card details.

  • Enter your credit card number, name, expiry date, and the 3-digit security code

  • Click “Make Payment” to confirm the order

Enter the OTP that will be sent on your mobile number then click “Submit”.

The order summary will then be displayed. The order can take a few minutes, up to a few hours to complete. Typically takes about 5-20 minutes. You can close this window and the process will continue. If there are any problems, Banxa will contact you by email.

The process is complete when you see your purchased HBAR tokens in your wallet.

If you have additional questions or require support for the Banxa transaction, please contact them here:

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