Hi Bladers 👾!

Guess what? The Hedera Native Staking framework is now enabled in Blade Wallet.

You can join the staking program and receive rewards🤩

Do you know how it works? Staking uses a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake, which is a way to ensure that all transactions are verified and secured. Your stake becomes part of that process and as it works, you can earn rewards.

Psst...For more information about staking on the Hedera network, please refer to this article: Hedera Native Staking

Are you ready to see how to stake HBAR using your wallet?

Let's do this! 🚀

  1. On the home screen🏠, select "Stake"

  2. Now, you have two options, Blade Wallet will choose the optimal node for your stake or you can select a node by clicking the "Select node to stake on" option, it's up to you!

    Psst...Take into account that the Hedera network currently has 26 consensus nodes to choose from.

    Please remember all of your HBAR balance will be staked, don't worry! You can unstake and stake your HBAR at any time.

  3. After you have selected a node to stake on, click "Stake account".

You are all set! You have successfully staked your HBAR 😉

Psst...When your HBAR is staked, there will be a checkmark✅ next to "Staked" on your home screen🏠 below your main balance, if you click on it you'll be able to see your staking details.

How to unstake your HBAR?

Unstaking your HBAR is pretty easy, let's check how you can do so 🔎

  1. Click ✅ "Staked" and you'll be prompted to your staking details

  2. Click "Unstake account"

  3. A confirmation pop-up tab will appear, click "Unstake"

That's it!

Psst...Please take a look at the Staking Rewards Basics🤩:

Staking rewards are automatically accrued every 24 hours. The 24-hour staking period begins at midnight UTC(UK/Western European time zone).

There is currently a 6.5% annual reward rate maximum cap. The current reward rate for each node can be found here: Reward Rate

The accrued rewards will be distributed to your account when the following occurs:

Staking rewards will accrue for a maximum of 365 days if they are not distributed to your account.

For more details about staking, please refer to Hedera's staking documentation. Staking - Hedera

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