Transferring tokens from your Blade Wallet to another wallet or a Crypto Exchange is the same process. This article will help you through this step by step.

Launch Blade Wallet:

Click the "Transfer" icon.

First select the token you want to transfer.

The pulldown menu will display the available tokens in you wallet

Choose the token type you will transfer.

Enter the Wallet ID or Account ID to a Crypto Exchange. This is where the token(s) will be sent.

Enter the number of token you want to transfer.

  • Enter an optional note in the memo field (Some Crypto Exchanges require a specific value in the memo)

  • Click "Send tokens"

After the transfer is complete, you will receive a confirmation with transaction ID.

Click "Back to the Wallet" to finish

In the Blade Wallet history you will find the transfer information

If you have further questions about transferring tokens from your blade wallet, please contact our support team at

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