Hi Bladers πŸ‘Ύ!

It is pretty important to back up your Recovery Phrase and Private Key, remember it is the only way to recover or to import your wallet on another device.

Psst...The private key is a cryptographic key created from the Recovery Phrase. The private key is one string of letters and numbers without spaces.

Psst...In case you lose or forget your Recovery Phrase or Private Key, Blade Labs cannot recover it.

Let's see how you can back up your Recovery Phrase and Private KeyπŸ”Ž:

  1. Click β€œAccount”

  2. Click the key icon "πŸ”‘", and your Recovery Phase will appear

  3. Write down your Recovery Phrase ✍️ and keep it in a safe place, or you can optionally use the β€œCopy” icon and copy it to the clipboard then save it.

    Psst...Make sure to write down each word separately and in order. The phrase will be 12 or 24 words.

  4. If you want to back up your private key as well, click β€œShow me my private key”, you can back it up in the same way you did with your Recovery PhraseπŸ“.

  5. When you are done, select the "I have saved my recovery credentials" boxβ˜‘οΈ and click β€œBack to the Wallet”

    Psst...If you already have the Recovery Phrase for your account, you do not need the Private Key. The Private Key may be required for advanced users.

    If you have more than one account, to see the Recovery Phrase for your other accounts, please check the following steps:

    πŸ”ŽUnder "Available accounts" you can click the ">" icon

    πŸ”ŽClick "View Key"

    Psst...You should follow the same process with each account in your wallet, each account has its own unique Recovery Phrase.

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