Your Recovery Phrase is extremely important. It is the only way to recover or transfer your wallet to another device. Safe keeping of this, is your sole responsibility. Blade Labs cannot recover this if it is lost or forgotten. Please backup your Recovery Phrase.

The Recovery Phrase is generated for you during a standard setup process, but you can also access it in your wallet after setup is complete.

Launch Blade Wallet:

Click “Account”

Your Blade Wallet might have several accounts in it. Make sure to backup the Recovery Phrase from all the accounts. Each account has its own unique Recovery Phrase.

Click on the account that is to be backed up.

Now click on the key icon.

Your Recovery Phase will now appear:

  • Write down your Recovery Phrase and keep it in a safe place. Make sure to write down each word separately and in order. The phrase will be 12 or 24 words. The phrase for this sample is “east company material animal chief light cave art zoo custom proud fever”.

  • You also have the option to use the “copy” icon and copy it to the clipboard then save it.

  • When you are finished, click “Back to the Wallet”

When you have completed this backup , you should follow the same process with each of the other accounts in your wallet

Click on the next account.

Now click on the "key" icon.

Your Recovery Phase will now appear:

Follow the same Recovery Phrase backup process as above for this account and any other accounts in your wallet.

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