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This article will guide you through transferring NADA Tokens from a Blade Wallet to the MEXC Exchange. The token transfer process is similar for the various tokens, but the receiving Exchange or Wallet might have specific requirements.

Launch the MEXC Exchange application:

Select “Wallets”

Click "Deposit"

Use the Search field to find the Token you want to deposit.

  • Type "NADA" into the search field

  • Click on the search results "NADA"

Choose your network. Click "HBAR" network.

Click "Got it"

  • Click "OK"

  • Click "Confirm"

Write down or copy the values provided by MEXC Exchange for the Deposit Address ID "ADDRESS ID" and the Memo Number "MEMO NUMBER". Both of these value are required to have a successful transfer with MEXC.

Return to the Blade Wallet:

On the Home screen, expand the NADA Token area.

Select "Transfer"

Fill in the Transfer form with the "ADDRESS ID" and "MEMO NUMBER" from MEXC Exchange:

  • Transfer account ID for MEXC

  • Number of Tokens you desire to transfer

  • Memo information from MEXC

  • Click "Send Token"

Transfer confirmed:

Click "Back to the Wallet"

Go to the History to confirm transfer:

Return to the MEXC Exchange application:

Click on the "History" icon.

Information about deposit can be reviewed:

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