If you need to recover your Blade Wallet or install it on another device, you can import it using your Recovery Phrase. After a new Blade Wallet application has been installed, you can import your existing wallet account. You can also import your wallet account into another Blade Wallet installation with other accounts. (This article will only go through the process with a new Blade Wallet installation.)

Launch Blade Wallet:

Click "Get Started"

  • Enter your password

  • Enter the password again

  • Read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, then click the checkbox to agree to them.

  • Click "Advanced setup" to access import process

Click "Import Wallet"

You will now be prompted with the import interface.

Locate your saved Recovery Phrase, which was provided during your original Blade Wallet setup or retrieved from wallet's account properties. (Another article will cover retrieving your Recovery Phrase from your existing Blade Wallet account.)

You can enter your 12 word or 24 word Recovery Phrase. For advanced users, you can also enter your private key. This article will demonstrate entering a 12 word Recovery Phrase.

  • Enter or paste your Recovery Phrase into the text box. The words should be written in their original order with a space between each word like this: "east company material animal chief cave light art zoo custom proud fever"

  • When the phrase is correctly recognized, the text will appear "Importing 1 account for Mainnet" and the "Import account" button will become active.

  • Click "Import account"

Wallet Account is now imported.

Click "Go to wallet" to enter your wallet

If you are having a problem with this process, please contact our support team at support@bladewallet.io with details about the issue.

Never share your Recovery Phrase with support. We will never ask for this information.

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