The setup process for Blade Wallet on Android, iPhone and Chrome Extension is the same after installation. After installation is complete, launch the Blade Wallet application.

(For installation instructions, go here for the Android App and here for the Chrome Browser Extension)

To begin, click “Get Started” on the welcome page.

You can now create a password to secure your wallet. It must be a minimum 8 alphanumeric character password. No letters with accents and diacritics. This password will be required to unlock your wallet. Please keep it safe. Blade Labs cannot reset or recover your password.

  • Enter your password

  • Enter the same password again

  • Read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Click the checkbox to agree to them.

  • Click “Create a new wallet” to continue.

(In this article, we are going to setup a regular new wallet. Import and other advanced options will be included in another article.)

You will be prompted with your Secret Recovery Phrase which will be automatically generated for you. It will be required to recover your account with it's assets or recreate your account on another device. Please write down all the words in order and keep it in a safe place. Blade Labs support cannot recover this recovery phrase for you. The phrase creates a unique cryptographic key that is required for all transactions.

  • Write down your recovery phrase and keep it in a safe location

  • Click "I have saved my Recovery Phrase"

  • Click “Next”

    Success! You have created your Blade Wallet account.

Click “Go to the Wallet”.

Please remember to keep you Secret Recovery Phrase in a safe place. It is critical for restoring your account.

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