You can buy HBAR tokens in your Blade Wallet with MoonPay.

On the main home page, there is a "Buy HBAR" button to start the purchase process.

Click “Buy HBAR” to begin

This will launch MoonPay where the rest of the purchasing process will be managed. If you have already registered with MoonPay, you can immediately start the purchase. If not, MoonPay will first lead you through a KYC process to setup an account. In this article, we’ll go straight to the purchasing process.

The MoonPay purchase interface:

  • Enter how much you would like to spend in your local fiat currency(e.g. US Dollars, Euros, etc.).

  • Click “Continue” to start the checkout process.

  • Enter the Email address you previously used with MoonPay.

  • Click “Continue”.

This will trigger an email to be sent to your account with a verification code.

  • Enter the verification code you received in your email.

  • Click “continue”.

You will be prompted to confirm your credit card information on file.

  • Enter your credit card security code.

  • Click the checkbox to agree to the terms

  • Click “Buy now” to confirm order

Your issuing bank may want to confirm your purchase.

Follow your bank confirmation process to continue.

Now the order will process. The order can take a few minutes, up to a few hours to complete. Typically takes about 5-10 minutes..

You can close this window and the process will continue. If there are any problems, MoonPay will contact you by email.

When the process is complete, the status on the page will update to “Delivered”

You can now see your purchased HBAR tokens in your wallet.

If you have additional questions or require support for the MoonPay transaction, please contact their here:

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