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After Blade Wallet is successfully connected to Slime World, you can transfer NADA

tokens to your Blade Wallet.

On the home page of the Slime World application, enter the "Exchange" to transfer tokens.

Click the “Exchange” icon.

Inside the Exchange, your blade wallet is connect if the text across the top displays “Connected Wallet” followed by your Blade Wallet ID. If you see a button “Sign in with Blade Wallet”, the wallet is not connected to Slime World. Please follow the connection process before proceeding. Article: Connect Slime World to Blade Wallet

Once you have earned enough Orichalcum playing Slime World, they can be converted into NADA tokens that you can transfer to your Blade Wallet.

Click “Exchange” to start the transfer process.

  • Specify how many Tokens you want to transfer to Blade Wallet.

  • Click “Confirm” to continue

Click “Confirm” again to finalize your transfer order.

Wait for the order to commit.

Transfer is complete!

When you next open your Blade Wallet, you will see the transferred NADA Tokens.

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