After you have installed the Slime World application and created a Slime World account, you are ready to connect it to Blade Wallet. You can download Blade Wallet directly from the Google Play Store or you can allow the connection process to download it for you.

The Slime World application has several ways to start the connection process. This article with start the process from the "Exchange" button.

Click "Exchange" on the main Slime World screen.

On the "Exchange" screen, there will be a button "Sign in with Blade Wallet". Click this button to start the connection process. If this button does not exist and you see the text "Connected Wallet" followed by an account number, Slime World is already connected to a Blade Wallet. You don't need to follow the rest of the process.

Click "Sign in with Blade Wallet"

If the Blade Wallet application is not already installed, you will be automatically redirected to the Google Play Store to install it. (If Blade Wallet is already installed, you will skip the Google Play Store process and be redirected directly to Blade Wallet application).

Google Play Store process:

Click "Install" to start the installation process of Blade Wallet.

When the installation process is complete, click "continue".

Blade Wallet will now launch.

  • Create a password with a minimum of 8 characters and repeat it. Keep this password safe. It will be required later to enter the Blade Wallet again when it is locked.

  • Review the Blade Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, then click "I agree".

  • Click "Next" to continue.

The connection process is now complete. Blade Wallet will auto redirect you back to Slime World. If the redirect fails after 3 seconds, please click the "Back to the game" button.

When you return to the Slime World application and enter the "Exchange" screen again, you will see that the "Sign in with Blade Wallet" button has been replaced with text across the top of the screen "Connected Wallet" followed by your Blade Wallet account number.

Blade Wallet is now ready to receive NADA token transfers directly from Slime World.

After this process is complete, we recommend you return to the Blade Wallet and backup your Recovery Phrase in your account properties. This Recovery Phrase is required to recover your wallet and its assets or move it to another device. This is phrase is the equivalent to your account ID and password. Customer service cannot help you recover this if it is lost.

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